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Why I miss the 90s?

Life has become simpler today. Technology has made everything look easier and more interesting. You can browse for any kind of information, buy and sell things on the net, take pictures on your cell phone and even “hangout” with your friends on popular social networking sites without having to be in any physical space! While of course all these changes have been very beneficial for the human kind, there are certain issues I have with this technologically advanced era!

Having been of a generation born in the 80s, I love a lot of things about a whole decade that passed by which marked the end of a century. If technology comes up with a time machine, which does seem like a potential reality, I would want to go back to the 90s and enjoy the simple pleasures life offered. Here are a few things that I miss very strongly of the wonder years.

Those were the games…

I remember coming home from school and running to my best friend’s place to play both in-door and outdoor games.  The preferred one although was playing outdoors. All of us would get together and play games like I-spy-you, police-thief game, shock n current etc.

 My favorite one was the police-thief game as I used to think of myself as the perfect robber who stole stuff and left no clue, just like Robin Hood! The only difference being me keeping the booty I stole for myself and not distributing it among the “poor folk” of my village! I would have done so if we had a kid or two acting like the village folk. But that was a big problem as every one of us wanted to play the “important” roles:  the police and the thief!

And what I am about to say next might make readers think of me as an aged grandma with 3-4 grand kids but I gotta say what I have to. These days (I know phnk) the kind of games kids play is only of two types- video games and mind games! And I must say, if you know how to play one of these, the other one comes naturally. I appeal to the government to now put an age restriction on video games. 

Any person above 16 should be allowed to play them (yey, I am older :P). Because these kids will be stolen of an opportunity to enjoy how beautiful the nature is if they become couch potatoes with a console control in hand. And eventually they will learn to respect and admire the nature around them which I hope would lead to conservation (I know,am thinking far ahead, but hey, it’s just a thought).


We may have not had the kind of programs aired today back then but Doordarshan was a magic in itself! They created gems like “Alif laila” and “Chandrakantha” during our times. I still remember the melodious title score of Chandrakanta sung by Sonu Nigam which was mesmerizing in its own way. Shahbaz Khan as Virendra Singh is the most charming prince I have seen till date.

Ramayan and Mahabharath were the programs I woke up for every weekend. My family would sit together and watch them with Susie and me constantly disturbing our dad to explain us the serials scene by scene as we did not understand Hindi then.

We did not have weird, ugly looking cartoons like Pokemon, Digimon and the likes which have really no entertainment at all to offer to the kids. Duck Tales, Talespin and Gummi bears were the cartoons we grew up with. Every time I watched Gummi bears I would think of inventing a potion that made the humans jump! And Gyro was my superhero whom I wanted to be like. He was undoubtedly the best cartoon scientist of our times. 

Advertisements and movies

I loved the advertisements of the 90s. I am sure most of us remember the “Deepika ji aayiye aayiye…” ad of Nirma (I wonder why none has the video to this ad), “kuch Khas hei..” of Cadburry (which I have posted below) and the  “doodh doodh doodh doodh” ad for milk. Don’t we all love those catchy jingles like “washing powder Nirma” and “Hamara Bajaj”?

Another aspect of the 90s worth a mention here is the kind of movies made. It took a completion of 50-100 days in a theatre for a film to be declared a hit then unlike today where it takes only a weekend. Dilwale Dulhaniya Le Jayenge, Hum Apke Hei Kaun, Pretty Woman, French Kiss are some of the wonderful movies we had the privilege to watch in theatres. 

Writing this post has made me so nostalgic that I refuse to accept the reality today! Phnk! Well, what can I say, “the past won’t return” but I would be very happy if “History repeats itself”. And I want that to happen before the World ends!  


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