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Top 5 Cult TV Characters

It is kind of a given that most viewers are influenced by the kind of cinema or TV shows they watch. One of the many reasons behind this, can be the fact that these programs sometimes preach us a lot of things besides just being the subjects of entertainment. People, at certain points start relating their lives to these TV shows or movies as characters these days are created very close to reality. Such being the scenario, there are a few TV characters that have millions of followers literally worshipping them and every word they say. Here is my list of top 5 cult TV figures.

1.       Barney Stinson- How I Met Your Mother

So the sitcom is actually about Ted, who narrates a series of episodes to his children about how he met their mother (duh!). But more than Ted, it is the character of Niel Patrick Harris, Barney Stinoson that caught all the attention. This guy is weird like heck and creates his own pseudo- theories (like “The Lemon Law”) and stories (“True story” really?)and claims that they are a hundred percent real! His “legenwait for it..dary” dialogues have got him a fan following that surpasses the followers of the rest of the characters on the show. He uses some awful fake stories to bed women and gosh! I  must say there is a lot of “blondism” used in the show (which obviously I am against). But that is the point which has made him the cult figure. Seems like every guy wants to be a Barney Stinson because he makes it easier to think anyone can get any girl!

2.       Joey Tribbiani – Friends

The list would definitely seem fake if I don’t mention this guy! After all he is the original womanizer out there who has influenced many Barney Stinsons and Charlie Harpers. His “how you doing?” is one of the most used pick up phrases. He is as, Phoebe describes in the 8th season “a hot guy who is sweet”. While the rest of the cast of FRIENDS had to move on and find their identities after the show, Matt LeBlanc was given an opportunity to continue being Joey for 2 more years. That itself is a testimony to how popular Joey Tribbiani was.

3.       Rachel Berry- Glee

One of the most confident characters on TV is Lea Michele’s Rachel Berry. In the first season you see her as just one of those annoying girls in need of constant attention. But from the second season you see her in a completely different light. The girl who craves for attention from the hottest hunk in McKinley, Finn Hudson grows to become a leader in her own terms. It is absolutely endearing to see her sing with so much passion. I don’t think anyone in McKinley’s Glee club is as talented as she is. For girls who are ambitious to achieve something in life, Berry is an idol.

4.       Sheldon- The Big Bang Theory

When The Big Bang Theory first aired, it was not expected that Sheldon would be the most loved character. I mean who would love this hardcore geek, who is annoyingly organized at everything, who knows how to play bongos, is a comic book maniac and is freakishly hygienic? Well, I guess everyone! All he has is smartness, an epic IQ of 187! And a charming smile. Jim Parsons has won 2 consecutive Emmys for his role as Sheldon. This guy is an idol to all the geeks out there I am sure.  After all he made it very cool to be a Geek.

5.       Uncle Jesse- Full House

John Stamos was one of the most “crush”ed (!) stars of the 90s. Jesse was an odd mixture of machismo and sensitivity! He worshipped the king – Elvis Presley, had his own bands “The Rippers” and “hot daddy and the monkey puppets” and knew to play almost 6 musical instruments. A true genius and a girl’s dream- he was also very sensitive about his nieces. He loves Michelle more than any other member in the family and becomes emotional in an episode where he has to move with his wife Rebecca. He was the “IT” guy back then- every girl’s crush and every guy’s idol.


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