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Truth Unveiling Rappers!

I am so flabbergasted at the power of the internet and Globalization. They have together opened us up to a vastness of cultural diversity that exists within the world as a whole. Being one of the proudest members of the MTV and VH1 generation, I’d like to write about the genre of music that moves me the most- Rap.

To be honest I did not like rap music at first. I still remember the first time I listened to Eminem’s “real slim shady”. My bestest friend Sarah’s brother is a fan of Eminem and he often listened to his tapes. I remember asking Sarah what in the name of god the noise was! But little did I know back then, I would become a sucker for the “noise” too! Here are my favorites. 

The very first rap that made me realize that there was something beyond the rhythmic music associated with it was Eminem’s “Lose yourself”. I mean he is such a “godlike” cult figure and still expresses the nervousness he has to face before performing in front of an audience. You would think it is all easier because he has already reached that level where nothing can scare him! But like Uma Thurman’s character Rebecca Duvall says in “Smash”, the fear never goes away no matter what stage you are in.

Eminem also tells us how it is easier to seize the moment- Carpe Diem once you get into the groove. The rap reconstructed a sense of self-belief in me. Now I always try to seize the moments because I firmly believe,  (thanks Eminem!) that “opportunity comes once in a life time”! 

Airplanes- B.O.B ft. Hayley Williams

I love this particular song not just for its lyrics but the soothing voice of Paramore’s Hayley Williams. This is one of those special songs that have made a permanent place in both my playlist and in my heart J. When Hayley goes “can we pretend that the airplanes..” And I already start looking at the night sky (at night of course!) to see if a plane is passing by so I can make a wish. 

This song is more special to me because I really love watching the airplanes at night. Being in a city like Banglore is kind of a boon to me because I can see a plane almost every night. It is a very beautiful sight, isn't it?

To be honest I am not much a fan of Nicki’s. But I love all Riri’s songs. This is the song I first listened to on radio. I wouldn’t normally listen to English FM stations as I prefer Hindi ones to them. But somehow on a very fateful day (I know! Very dramatic right?!), I happened to catch this song. I wanted to switch the station but found the lyrics very interesting and ended up listening to the whole song.

I loved it when “New directions” covered it on Glee since I so loved Naya and Lea Michael’s duet. I particularly loved the following lines from the rap: 

"Me, me, me against them
Me against enemies, me against friends
Somehow they both seem to become one"

Sometimes it is none but you. You have to choose your battles right and emerge out victorious. It all boils down to how you alone can manage certain situations of life. I know the song is more about a woman but I would like to generalize here as it applies to everyone irrespective of gender.  We all can “win, survive, prosper and rise”. Amen.

Apart from these, I also love some of the songs by Li’ll Wayne and Drake. But I must say if MJ was the King of Pop, Eminem is the King of Rap! 

And I also like songs by Pitbull but only when I am in a party mood because I really don’t get much of what he says except for “Dale” and “Mr. Worldwide”!

 Someday hopefully decipher the mystery behind him calling himself, (with so much pride) “Mr. Worldwide”! I mean, seriously. What does it really mean? That he travels a lot or that he kind of has so much money or something? Well someday.. ;) 


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