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Life is Like The Beatles

The Beatles have been a lesson to everybody in so many ways. Their music, their innovation, their creativity, their zeal, their timing, their loves, their passion, their loss - every aspect of them was like a lesson learnt in time. I am at a phase in life where I am so drawn to the god like band. To me there couldn't be a force superior to the band! On daily basis, there’s always some connection, some relation, some way to take it all to The Beatles. In this process, I have come to a conclusion - There is one almighty and then there are 4 kinds of people - 
1. John Lennon - Lennons are charismatic leaders by default (Pardon me for beginning this para like I am writing about a sun sign). They come, they see and they conquer. Lennons of the world are narcissistic and have highly inflated self-worth - rightly so. Without Lennon, the band wouldn't be formed. Without a leader what is team? Anarchy never leads to fame. Because it is a predicament where everyone is a hero, everyone is…