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Jodie Sweetin is back, you guys!

Three and a half years ago, I wrote a post about Jodie Sweetin and other child stars who went through traumas growing up. Little did I know, Jodie would be back with a bang! Because Full House is a syndicated show and I possess all 8 seasons of it in my hard disk (Thanks Susie!), I am frequently re-watching the show to kill boredom (or to feel good that I was born to a beautifully calm gen). And also I am a very huge fan of Stephanie Tanner that it border-lines on obsession sometimes! I was always keen on seeing where the girls of Full House would end up as grown-ups. And like most of the child stars of 90s, Hollywood wasn't generous on them. While Jodie and Candace continued to act, Andrea Barber left the whole scene to go live a conventional house wife life.

I dont want this to look like a biased opinion of a Jodie loyalist, but she was special. She was not only a Grade A actress, but also a talented dancer and singer. You can see snippets of her dancing on the show in the below …