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The Best We could do

This year, I have taken up a challenge on Goodreads to atleast read 40 books. I am at 29/40 now. My 27th book in the “Read” list was Hillary Clinton’s “What Happened”. Coming from one of the most misunderstood women in the history of American politics, it was heart wrenching to read what Hilary went through after the colossal loss. How can using a personal email id mask all the good stuff she had done over the years, how can people conveniently forget how hard she had worked along with Obama to keep the Big brother safe, how can they chose a self-confessing “pussy-grabber” over a person who had education and experience to lead a country that every other country looks up to, how can they sideline this woman’s body of work and entrust the entire political responsibility to a man whose only promise to make America great again was building a big wall? That memoir got a lot of emotion out of me and I chose to go back to reading some graphic novels so I could at least complete the reading …