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Lost in Translation - Everyone wants to be found!

Acclaimed writer and director Sophia Cappola’s second movie “Lost in Translation” is a masterwork of modern times. It emerged as a winner among both audiences and critics alike after its release in 2005.

The movie shot entirely in Japan is a sardonic take on the lives of two complete strangers Bob Harris (Murray) and Charlotte (Scarlett Johansson). Bob is an actor whose personal and professional lives have become stagnated. With only little hope of reviving he accepts a $ 2 million whiskey commercial deal to be shot in Tokyo. Charlotte is a newlywed who has accompanied her photographer husband to Tokyo where he has a photo shoot assignment.

Both Bob and Charlotte suffer the cultural shock silently until they meet each other. They both hit it off instantly and become good friends.  They spill out their life stories to one another. Within the one week of bob’s stay there, Charlotte takes him to her crazy friends who make the whole experience seem adventurous.  They enjoy each other’s company and find solace in it. It is only in the end when Bob leaves to America, they both realize there was something more to their relationship than just friendship. Despite the age gap, they find each other filling the vacuums of their lives.

Bill Murray is exceptional in a role tailor-made for him. He expresses the character’s moods with just his eyes. The movie’s climax is a proof to his top notch performance. Scarlett Johansson also gives a power packed performance of an ignored wife in the forbidden city. Then 18 years old, she has played the role of a 25 year old with panache! Sophia Cappola proves yet again why she is a director of a class of her own! All in all, “Lost in translation” is worth every minute of your time. 


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