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Prometheus - What a MESS!

First things first, I hadn’t been to this movie on my will! My elder brother Suhi, my elder sister of 15 minutes Susie and I wanted to go to “snow white and the huntsman” in DCR cinemas, Mysore. But god knows why the show got cancelled and since we were already there we thought why not go watch the movie that was shown as an alternative last night. After all it had Charlize Theron as one of the leads.

So all I mean to say is that Prometheus is not the kind of movie, any average movie-goer like me would want to watch! Here is why common folk like me and you might not like it-
Because it is beyond our understanding why Westerners are obsessed with making movies either about what happened gazillion years ago (300 BC) or what is going to happen in the distant future (Prometheus)!
Because we worry a lot about today and do not really have time to think about mysterious questions like who created us (that is the subject of this movie), why they created us and how we could meet them.
Because even if we think about our creators we picture them to be beautiful creatures like angels and not some gross, alien baldies like the ones in the movie. (phnk! ..”phnk” by the way is the sound that is produced when I try to control my laughter!)
Because for us, the most important part of the universe is our solar system. And the order of importance is à our home, our city, our state, our country, our planet, our planet system. We just don’t think much about our galaxy or what lies beyond that!
Because we watch movies to let go of the reality for a while and enjoy some time in the fantasy world, not the fanatic world that is created in Prometheus.
Because watching people puke in 3D is not exactly our idea of entertainment!!
Because it is so darn difficult for any normal human being to watch Naoomi Rapace get an open operation done on herself in a futuristic thingamajib and then get her stomach stapled!!! EWWWWWWWWWW… !!
Because it is comical to watch a robot emote stuff it is not supposed to! I mean C’mon!

So to sum it all up- the movie is better avoided! Specially the 3D version as it leads to extreme headache and nausea!!  A little heads up, if you, however want to watch it (in spite of reading this)- please don’t go to the night show as the chances of you having nightmares are very high! Been there my friend.. been there… !!


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