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Kidman, Cruise and The Law Of Karma!

When Katie Homes ditched her husband of 8 years Tom Cruise, am sure many of us thought about the same situation that happened with Nicole Kidman and Tom only roles reversed. Well I sure don’t know much or I must say anything about Scientology but I sure do a lot about Karma. I mean of course there is nothing much to understand as the philosophy can be summed up in one line- what goes around, comes back around.

Tom’s life is one hell of an example for how Karma works. He left his then wife Kidman for apparently no solid reason. He impregnated her, forgot his duties, cited “irreconcilable differences” as the basis for the divorce and got out of her life. Just like that! Three months later she had a miscarriage and the pathos the woman went through can’t be imagined. Crying for him on a certain TV show, she said she will always love him.

And 14 years later here he is going through the same situation again. Only difference being, him on the receiving end. Now nobody is sure what exactly happened, but I guess this is going to be one heck of a lesson learnt for Cruise!

I have had so many incidents in my own life when Karma has worked. I never believed in the philosophy and branded it as one of those tricky lines people use to keep oneself from doing wrong. But when it did bite and I went “ouch”, I realized it was real. Since then I am always on guard, deciding to do or not to do things after analyzing their consequences only. While it doesn’t teach any great lessons of life, Karma definitely guides you to a better path.

I might be sounding a tad bit philosophical here but I can't help it. After all I am from the spiritual land of India! 


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