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2 Broke Girls - So Broke, You ll Feel Better about your Life! ;)

It's hard to find writers like Whitney Cummings today. I am a fan of her sitcom 2 Broke Girls and find it very interesting and super funny. Kat Dennings is especially at her best. I had seen her before in “Nick and Norah’s Infinite Playlist”, which is one bomb diggity movie. Kat’s character Norah is so mellow in the movie that it really surprises you to see her in Max’s avatar on the show.

The best thing about the show is undoubtedly its story line. We all have heard about “rags-to-riches” stories but this one is just the opposite. Caroline, played by Beth Behrs, is the daughter of a formerly wealthy man, who because of Ponzy scam is in a prison. So accustomed is she to her wealthy life that she thinks Max’s “frugal”ly designed apartment is “robbed” when she first moves in. That particular scene was enough for me to know that the show is really, I mean REALLY funny!

You will hear Caroline say “Max’s Homemade Cupcakes” at least thrice every episode (after the concept of a cupcake business comes into her mind of course). But still it doesn’t annoy you. Most of the tricks, the marketing tactics Caroline adopts in order to spread a word about their business are realistic. Some of the ideas are sad but trust me, some people do that!

The second best thing about it are the actors. It seems like they are tailor made for the role. Beth, who plays Caroline is so stunningly beautiful and as Max puts it, is “blonde as the day”! *laughing*  She is the more serious amongst the two and delivers her dialogues so melodiously that it is endearing to just listen to her voice. She reminds me of the effervescent Lea Michael from Glee as they look very much alike. 

On the other hand, Kat is more sarcastic and can kill you with some of those punchy dialogues. She seems like the girl whose thoughts cannot be read, in the initial episodes but later you will know, she is like any of us. By that, I mean, a girl who falls for a guy, cries when their beloved pet horse is left to the care of Max’s part time employer Peach (“epic parenting fail” in one line) and feels the pain of a broken heart! Behind a sarcastic superficial mask, she is really sensitive.

Other characters like Oleg, (Jonathan Kite, as the sleazy Ukranian chef- my god is he dirty!) Earl (Garette Morris, as the Jazz musician turned into cashier), Han Lee (the cute and adorable Mathew Moy), Sophie (Jennifer Coolidge, the ‘perfect arse” from FRIENDS 9th Season) and Johny (the handsome hunk Nick Zano) are also perfect for the show.

There are some female bonding moments on the show that make you go “awwww…..” (like Max, who dislikes hugging people hugs Caroline for being there). The chemistry between the actors is amazing and you end up wanting to see them more than any other characters. And no, they aren’t “lesb” moments.

Seems like the ladies are taking over the TV today. With 2 Broke girls, HBO’s Girls and New Girl (yes. Lots of girls ;)), it is definitely an era of woman on Television. 


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