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I remember the day “Freaky Friday” released in India. I read its full review in this popular newspaper’s additional. I remember thinking how cool the story line was, I was so amazed I wanted to watch it that Friday. But for some reason I couldn’t, and here I am exactly 10 years later writing a review on the movie (I assume you must have figured that it took me 10 long years to watch it!).

So, my one line review on the movie still remains the same –“the storyline! Man, is it the coolest!”.  So there is a mom, Tess who is very vexed about her teenage daughter Anna, who is more familiar with detention than studies. Anna on the other hand is an equally vexed daughter, who wants her mom to take her seriously. She camouflages (not so well) her disliking of Tess getting remarried to another man. One fine day, or must I say, one “Freaky Friday” (see that? Word play! Nailed it!), when they are out for dinner with Tess’s boyfriend, there occurs an inexplicable switch, in that they have got into each other’s bodies! And this switch could only be undone if they love each other selflessly. 

I must admit I watched the movie for Lindsay Lohan (the best teen actress of our times) but ended up liking Jamie Lee Curtis a notch more! It is an absolute delight to watch the ever-young Jamie rocking that guitar scene . Watch here. Totally awestruck at how easy she makes it look. Jamie is a winner all the way – from playing a worried mother (Tess) who is very curious to know what her daughter actually thinks of her remarrying; to a teenage “spirit” in an old lady’s body who just knows how to “rock it dude”! It is very difficult to imitate somebody else’s mannerisms perfectly but Jamie really makes you think that it is indeed Lindsay playing Jamie on screen.

Coming to Lindsay now. She is and will always remain the most adorable teen queens of all times. She plays your perfect “garage rockstar-in-dire-need-of-attention” teen who is troubled for a lot of reasons. Her band is her life and hey , she is a very talented guitarist too. She has an arch nemesis who, once upon a time was her best friend. And like in all chick-flicks, has a huge crush on a slightly older guy Jake and is dumbfounded every time he moves past her. But once she eats the fortune cookie (oh, by the way that is how the switch happens – by eating a fortune cookie made by an Asian woman – so stereotypical! I mean DUH!), she turns into this 40 year old woman in a teen girl’s body who is shocked to see that she has a pierced navel (Hilarious scene). She is so impeccable in the role. Lindsay definitely deserves a thumbs up for actually portraying a role so complicated. I mean you could easily get confused as to what exactly you are playing but man, does she know her role so well!

So without much ado, I give this movie a full thumbs up (oh by the way that’s how am going to grade the movies henceforth). For the resplendent manner in which the actresses have played the roles and the very amusing storyline by Mary Rodgers.

 And before I wrap it, the kid Ryan Malgarini receives a special mention here for being so adorable (check out the “ewwww” moment when he sees his mom pulling her pants to conceal what's beneath!). 


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