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RIP Cory Montieth – You will be missed dearly

Last week brought such a shock to the Gleeks all over the world! Just when we thought Rachel and Finn were going to marry on Glee, Cory’s untimely death shattered it all for us. I am still mourning the loss of one of the best singers of our generation. I am still saddened by the fact that Cory destroyed it all for himself. Who am I to speak, I know. But it’s still very unsettling. The fact that he was on heroine and alcohol! 

It is very sad that people lose control upon getting addicted to substances. But when god has given it all and the going is good, you would expect people to enjoy that while it lasts. God should have added “control” to his list of giving for Cory. Anyways, here are my top 3 moments of Finn Hudson from Glee.

1.       Rachel, please don't do this. You're beautiful
     Yes, the awww moment is one of the best moments on TV. Finn’s love for Rachel was reflected in  acceptance of who she was. When she tried to get her nose job done, to look more like Quinn, We only wished there was someone who could tell her how beautiful she was (not at all “unpretty”).. And there he was Finn. The Man. This was unarguably the best Finchel moment

2.       Punching Jessy St.James – Prom night
Finn’s pride gets a backseat when he finally accepts that Rachel was the perfect girl for him. When he learns that Jessy is just using Rachel, he punches him hard on his face and lands up in trouble on his prom night with Quinn. That was laudable. A guy fighting for his girl back! Who thought cute and strong could be a deadly combination!?


3.       Stay away from my future wife
Oh when he threatens the plastic boy Broody, we thought that is the best it can get.. But oh wait, he warns very confidently “Stay away from my future wife” thus eliciting a standing ovation from us. Who does that! There was a certain joie de vivre about his presence which was almost addictive and here in a some weird way he creates this magic as Finn Hudson.

Man.. How we miss him.. How painful it is to accept that he is gone! How we wish god could gift him with a little bit of control in the moment of need! Sigh! There cant be another Cory and we only can wish that Glee handles Finn’s Death sensitively. It’s a sad thing. My heart goes out to Lea :(  ..


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