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The TV Shows That Should Have Run Longer!

With the arrival of TV’s new fall season, I am reminded of the shows that got cancelled after a season or two despite having a good first season. Its so sad, because some of them had some great moments, some resplendent and some witty and very infectiously funny moments! Why the networks chose to cancel these shows is a mystery since crappy shows like 2 broke girls (did any of you find the second season funny? Or appealing to common sense in any way?), Anger Management (sorry Sir Charlie, the show is a ball of mess –with its cringe worthy jokes) are still on. Here are some of the shows I think deserved at least 8 seasons run!

Trust me, I thought this show would give Perry a chance to be known as something other than Chandler Muriel Bing. Mathew’s portrayal of a widowed guy, who s in the process of finding ways to move on in life, was worthy of an Emmy nomination. The guy knew when to make you laugh, when to make you cry and evoke whole other range of emotions. His support group was probably the most quirky group. My favorite was Anne, The lesbian prosecutor. She was in a way Ryan’s Alley (except for the Courtney Cox episode, Man was that hysterical!), his confidante and his unannounced care taker. Then it is Mr. K, oh the adorable scientist man. He brought in a lot of laughter to the show. Go on wouldn’t have ever been a complete sitcom without him. Danny, who rarely got furious, who imagined a whole another world of his own to deal with the pains of his cheating wife! Fausta, the darling of the group, who still has a lot of love left in her after the tragic events in her life.

I was looking forward to the second season, to Lauren ending things with Wyatt, because she is perfect for Ryan, to Anne finding a life mate (presumably Jane Lynch), to Yolanda marrying the cute guy she met on the cruise, to Steven asking Allison out (they would have made a lovely pair), to all of them moving on happily. Damn it NBC! Screw you!

When I heard that it was Cecelia Ahern, who created this show, I expected a lot of PS I Love You-esque Situations, but it was surprisingly humorous! The show revolved around Samantha Newly, a hot-shot from Real estate industry who comes across life – changing realizations after having met with an accident which causes retrograde amnesia. I know it wasn’t very VERY funny, but it wasn’t meant to be. It dealt with a sensitive topic and it was handled very tastefully. It had a scintillating cast – Christina Applegate, Melissa McCarthy (the funniest woman on earth after Mindy Kaling) and Jean Smart and yet it failed to leave a mark in the minds of ABC’s distasteful producers! What a shame! *SMH!

OK cancelling this show was an absolute blasphemy! In my eyes, this show was much better than Glee – the reason behind it was that this was a serious show which took music seriously. I know the second season was very bland after the original director, Theresa Reback (who I think had a lot planned for the show), left it. It was expected that her leaving would mark the show’s downfall, but it still had a stellar cast, the most creative if you will. Jack Davenport , Debra Messing (ah the lovely actress) and Katherine McPhee were truly the best on the show – they had it all acting skills, dancing skills and what not! And it was produced by Steven Spillberg, if that doesn’t count for quality then what does?

This is one of the many reasons why ABC will burn in hell. The show was a true-blue, worth every your penny kind of an entertainer. This was one of those rare shows that stressed on family. 3 lovely couple and their love stories - it was a delight to watch.It is absolutely gibberish to dismiss a show like this. I mean common, it was hilarious and it was produced by the very successful Shana-Goldberg Mihan. It wasn’t very quirky but had some direct humor and ABC should have given it a chance.

How difficult is it to decide on a nice show? How difficult is it to take a risk and let a clean show without vulgarisms run for another season? To zero in on the abilities of the truly talented cast and crew of a show? It is so sad to note that TV has become a political system of its own today. How I wish people started believing in these kind of shows more.. How I wish they could replace cheap-ass, vulgar comedies like 2 broke girls with the ones mentioned above. Sigh!


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