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Things "Desperate Housewives" Taught Me:

In the wake of Eva Longoria being named Maxim's "Woman of the Year", I am teleported back to the era of "Desperate Housewives”. It’s been 2 years now since the show ended but the women of Wisteria lane still remain in our memories as the strongest women ever created on TV. Though it mostly belonged to a thriller-drama genre, it was considered a comedy too. There were some serious moments, some very funny ones, some absolutely deliriously painful moments and some emotional ones. Let’s relive some of those diverse moments now in the form of a list of life lessons each of these witty and glamorous housewives taught us:

1. Things Gabby taught us:

a. It’s okay to love oneself -

You know who I am talking about - the narcissistic yet affable Gabriel Solis. So what if she spent hours doing yoga, so what if she had a room full of clothes and shoes, so what if she cheated on her husband, so what if she lied occasionally? She did em all to keep herself happy. To consciously switch off all the unfortunate incidents she had as a child in her mind. To be strong enough to do what she likes... although the affair with John Rowland is not one approves of, I had to note it here because it was one of those things she did for selfish reasons because she loved herself very much to be ignored by any other soul (that being Carlos here).

b. Being Materialistic is not a sin -

Gabby taught us that there was nothing wrong in being materialistic. Some people love people and some love materials! Big deal. If you love what you love because you love it, you have it all! We all live in a dome of delusions, dome of falseness; only because we don’t understand that the need to please others has overpowered our need to please ourselves! If we could only live like Gabby… Sigh!

c. You have to adapt to changes -

When Carlos goes blind, Gabby changes completely. She is not the scintillating, stylish, dreamy, dieting diva anymore. She turns into this normal housewife who does normal chores, who runs around her youngest daughter to feed her, who tries to help her eldest daughter with her homework, who takes care of everything from washing clothes to paying bills, basically trying to balance both Carlos's and her life for the better. She feels tired at times having not been used to the normal homemaker's role, but Gabby did surprise us all by taking charge of everything in season 3. That was her strongest act in whole of the show!!

2. Things Bree taught us:

a. Losing someone is a part of life –

Although, Rex cheated on Bree, in the later parts of season 1, she starts to accept him for what he is. She starts loving him again, seeing him the way he wants to be seen and being there by his side all the time. In short, she becomes his strength and he becomes hers. When we thought it couldn't be better, tragedy befalls Bree’s life. She loses Rex. Boy that was a harsh event, even for Bree. Her character doesn't lose calmness, she moves on. And that was an applaud-able move. That is what Bree Van De Camp stood for.

b. Following Passion is half the battle won –

Bree’s cooking was her trademark. We could see how she let it define her personality, how she let it become her identity when Katherine Mayfair enters the scene with her culinary skills. In the later part of the series, Bree pursues her passion by teaming up with Mayfair and establishing a catering business. She becomes a household name, a celebrity of sorts after she authors a recipe book. The success that she achieves and enjoys was only because she pursued her passion. Because she did what she loved.

c. Love can happen more than once –

After Rex, Bree gets enamored by a lot of dudes but one Mr. Hodge manages to capture her attention for a very long time. What happens later is whole another issue, but that episode of Bree’s life when Hodge was sane was a happy part. Love can happen once, twice and more times! It is beautiful – Love!

3. Things Susan Taught us:

a. Humor makes it all bearable –

She was the “tots adorbs” chick of Wisteria Lane. She made us laugh our guts out! She was the Tina Fey, the Amy Poehler of the lane. She was a rock chick. Being a teenage daughter’s mother, Susan still managed to get some wolf whistles for her personality! Her sense of Humor added to her 40-is-the-new-20 charming persona.

b. Stand up to what is right –

Albeit Mike was her precious, significant other, she let him go because she valued her principles more. She couldn't stand the fact that she was immoral in Mike taking the responsibility of the accident which is why she deems it necessary to not be with him. It might look like an extreme step but that is Susan for you.

c. You don’t HAVE to be the grown-up always –

It’s alright to take life casually sometimes. It’s alright to let your teenage daughter tell you what has to be done and what has to be not done, to lose your mind and seek other’s help for directions, to live life to its fullest, to not be shadowed by the “grown-up” cloud and what not!

4. Things that Lynette taught us: (Best for the last)

a. It is cool to be ambitious –

While the rest of the housewives were indeed housewives, Lynette was a competitive corporate executive. Many a time, we see Lynette and Tom fighting about Lynette’s love for her Career, her Ms. Know-all attitude. Lynette couldn't resist being in the backseat, be it her personal life or professional. Nobody’s ever made career-oriented look cool like Lynette did. Kudos!

b. Compromising is a part of the game –

Lynette gets a shocker when she finds out that she is pregnant (again!). Tom and her are a sort of a frivolous couple – in that they plan their personal lives seldom. Tom decides to throw their savings and enrolls to study, Lynette decides to work without telling her boss (Carlos) she is pregnant because she loves her job and also needs the money, They are a least bit prepared when Lynette learns of cancer! But what they collectively taught us is that compromising is a must if you want to save what is important to you. There hasn't been a couple on TV that was as compatible as Tom and Lynette.

c. Fight for your love –

Lynette doesn't withdraw and watch when Tom leaves her for Jane.  She hatches plans, uses penny to win her love back! And Boy does she win him so beautifully! The scene in the end when she goes to Tom’s arms is most probably the sweetest scene in the whole series. If I had to pick up top 5 moments on TV, this would definitely be a part of it.


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