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The Phantom - The most real fictional Hero

I have to start this post by thanking my dad for having got me and Susie develop comics reading habit very early in life. Before Tinkle, our most favorite books were The Phantom and Mandrake, the magician. While Mandrake's superhero powers included universally appealing magic, the Phantom relied on his body strength and intelligence to tackle the baddies ! That's why he was special. He didn't have super powers or fancy weapons. All he had was his masculine strength and the mysterious aura around him.

Now there are a number of reasons why the Phantom is my favorite fictional hero .Here are some -
1. He isn't immortal - Although jungle legends made him seem immortal, the Phantom was a human just like you and me. The present Kit Walker is the 21st in line of all the generations that dedicated their lives to the well-being of Denkali ( I read the Indian editions, so I aint gonna call it Bangala). Right from the first Christopher Walker who swore vengeance having lost his fat…

How I Watched a MOTHERload of Bullshit for 9 years (or How the Mother of All Craps ate us up part –by-part for 9 years, you pick)

(Before you read further, this is not an outrageous rant of a frustrated Fan! Please note that I am no longer a Fan and I have burnt all the DVDs in literal sense and not in the copying-the-data-to sense!)

Ok, Its official. The writers of HIMYM are the worst bunch of story tellers of all times. What a MOTHERload of crap! They should have named the finale "LOST forever" and not "Last forever"!This surpasses the supreme level of bullshit set by 2 Broke Girls and Anger Management! What were they thinking? Lets write about love and ruin it all in one blasphemous, sucking-at-multiple-levels, buttload of dinosaour crap of a stupid, stupid episode!

(This should have been the end of all of it  -

When they revealed the mom, I thought, Now there is something realistic. Whatever she looked like, how much ever she received flaks for not being Robin-isque, I still loved the sitcom for …