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How I Watched a MOTHERload of Bullshit for 9 years (or How the Mother of All Craps ate us up part –by-part for 9 years, you pick)

(Before you read further, this is not an outrageous rant of a frustrated Fan! Please note that I am no longer a Fan and I have burnt all the DVDs in literal sense and not in the copying-the-data-to sense!)

Ok, Its official. The writers of HIMYM are the worst bunch of story tellers of all times. What a MOTHERload of crap! They should have named the finale "LOST forever" and not "Last forever"!This surpasses the supreme level of bullshit set by 2 Broke Girls and Anger Management! What were they thinking? Lets write about love and ruin it all in one blasphemous, sucking-at-multiple-levels, buttload of dinosaour crap of a stupid, stupid episode!

(This should have been the end of all of it  -

When they revealed the mom, I thought, Now there is something realistic. Whatever she looked like, how much ever she received flaks for not being Robin-isque, I still loved the sitcom for keeping it so real. Tracy was perfect for Ted, she was his dream so even if she weren’t the flawless girl for the universe, she was the one and only for Ted. I never thought this sitcom was Robin-centric. Its not really about Ted or not even about Barney as it appeared in the last seasons, It is about Robin. It should have been named “How we set up 9 seasons for Robin”.

This crosses my entire belief! This was supposed to preach us all about Love and how it always wins in the end! “Love is the best thing we do” – what a buttload of deceit. I was gonna throw a party and celebrate the end of an era. But now I want to forget how I invested 9 years of my life into watching a fraudulent gibberish whose objective was to deceive viewers.

HIMYM had the potential to leave FRIENDS behind but now, after the douche that was its finale, the committee of Emmy’s should come up with an honor that can be only bestowed upon sitcoms like this! The name of the honor should be, ermmm, just a thought – doody? Or how about this, from now on, whenever lousy shockers of shows come up on TV, the Emmy should honor those with a HIMYM award. Thanks to everybody involved in this sorcery of a show, 9 years of my life and of those who watched this show world over are ruined!

This isn’t even like a mad –scientist’s experiment gone wrong, is it? The “kids” (oh for f**k’s sake) recorded the last scene (damn it! The last nasty garbage scene) eons ago! So the writers, the actors, the whoevers of this show knew what was gonna happen! How did they let this shit be on TV for so long? You know what this is? It’s a scheme! This one beats Ponzi scheme because it is the worst crime – misleading on purpose. This scheme engulfed us all, didn’t it? We are all inundated by this evil scheme for so long, it deserves a punishment in a court of law. The plot, the putting-razzy-to-shame plot was a joke played by the creators.

How about the “moral” of the story? I got “morals”, yes plural! Here are some of the things I learnt from a 9-year running strategically-created-to-ruin lives show –
1. Good people always die sooner than the sinners – Ted was a sinner in the end. His 9 years’ story was a pitch for his children to let him date Robin. Tracy was a clown with the good heart paid to appear for 10 hours. She dies, she f**kin dies!

2. Love is meh! – Three marriages, one ends in divorce, the other in a spouse’s death and the last one remains. Majority wins! So suck it. No fairy tales hers, just a plain story of how most of the marriages end in divorce and how others end in a spouse’s death
3. Beautiful is perfect – I am saddened by the fact that the creators made this to prove a point, beauty rules. Tracy was perfect but Tracy wasn’t Robin. So all our arguments are invalid!
4. Ted is all the men - Ted was a romantic at heart, he lived for romance and its repercussions! Or so we had thought.  Ted is the pig that most of the men are. He went after Robin, 6 years after his wife’s death. Seemed like he was waiting for that all along.
5. Men like Barney have to wait till their accidental one night stand results in a child moment to find love. There is no hope for men like Barney.

6. The Robins of the world always win. No matter what! You have commitment issues, you marry your ex-boyfriend’s best friend, you make his life miserable, whatever you do, if you can groom yourself like Robin, you win!
7. Tracies of the world are here to make other people’s life better and die
8. Your kids wont root for you once you die! Ted’s kids are more than happy for him to get back in the game, loosen his reins and ride Robin.
9. This 9th one is for the last episode of the 9th season. FRIENDS still rules – die HIMYM, you sucker! Amen!


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