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Life is Like The Beatles

The Beatles have been a lesson to everybody in so many ways. Their music, their innovation, their creativity, their zeal, their timing, their loves, their passion, their loss - every aspect of them was like a lesson learnt in time. I am at a phase in life where I am so drawn to the god like band. To me there couldn't be a force superior to the band! On daily basis, there’s always some connection, some relation, some way to take it all to The Beatles. In this process, I have come to a conclusion - There is one almighty and then there are 4 kinds of people - 

1. John Lennon - Lennons are charismatic leaders by default (Pardon me for beginning this para like I am writing about a sun sign). They come, they see and they conquer. Lennons of the world are narcissistic and have highly inflated self-worth - rightly so. Without Lennon, the band wouldn't be formed. Without a leader what is team? Anarchy never leads to fame. Because it is a predicament where everyone is a hero, everyone is a villain, everyone is famous and everyone is a nobody. This would be The Beatles without Lennon! 

Lennons are heroes. They figure out aims of life in very early stages. Where is the greatness in that? One may ask. The greatness is in identifying the exact ways to achieve the aim! You have a dream, I have a dream. Have we thought about what we do with these dreams? No!! We work in monotonous work cultures that are slowly glamourizing themselves as ever so flexible, ever revolutionizing "new systems" with new - outlook and new culture. We are all ensnared into a convoluted net that even if we want to, we can’t get out! Lennons are free birds, without freedom they don't exist. 

2. Paul McCartney - Paul McCartneys are magicians. You don’t know when they enter your life, when they make it beautiful, when they add all those essential ingredients that makes love feel like love, you don’t know when they mesmerize you and you don’t know when they vanish! Their primary objective it would seem, is to guide you through a spectacular splendor. Can you imagine love without Paul? Can you imagine how bland The Beatles would be if it weren’t for Paul? How it would all be about strawberry fields, guitars and abstract images? Pauls are experts at love at making people believe in the ever so confusing love. 

Pauls are survivors - in both figurative and literal sense. Pauls can exist with The Beatles and without The Beatles. Pauls can never have set backs because they are Pauls. Period. 

3. George Harrison - Now here are those sidekicks that never get appreciated! Until they go their own way and find their true calling. Harrisons are believers. They are those innocent beings that don't know the extent of their full potential yet! But Boy when they do, Lennons and Pauls get threatened. Harrisons' superpower is just realizing that they have powers that trumps every other power existing on earth. 

They are pragmatic. They tell you how it is what it is and why it is what it is. They are also capable of contributing next generation Harrisons because their handsomeness is too damn engulfing, if they leave us their legacy would still continue to charm us. If you ever think you are failing at something, think twice! You aren't failing at what you do. You just have shadows of other people which is a bit too overwhelming to fight against, get out there and move on. You ll be fine because you are a Harrison! 

4. Ringo Starr - Ringo Starrs are those that know their lives are easier than anybody else’s. They have talent. They are smart. They know a few things about what they do and they make the right choice (Thanks Robert DeNiro and The Score). They just fill blanks and that’s all they have to do to get started with their lives. They don't have to worry about power or splitting of it, or to write or to explore, to fight for their rights! Nothing. This is not because they have limitations. It is because they are contented with their lives. 

They don't like to intensify or complicate. They are crazy and they love their status quo. There is nothing wrong with it. Ringos are super secure in their skin and ooze lot of confidence that would surprise us all. 

In short, Life is but The Beatles. You have to choose who you want to be. You have to pick your superpower. You have to conform for a while and go your way once you establish your aims. Be a Beatle. You have it in you! 


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