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My Favorite Guilty Pleasure Songs

Don’t we all have them? Guilty pleasure songs. Don’t we have them on our secret playlists, don’t we reduce the volume even when on headphone so that the world doesn’t judge us, don’t we all play them when low, don’t we all sing them in showers (No? is it only me?)

So a colleague of mine has this song "Right here waiting for you" as his ringtone and whenever his phone rings, although I tell people it’s a very effeminate song (I believe it is one very honestly), I can’t help but sing along! No offense to anybody here. I know this is a very subjective topic. I like songs based on the music more than their lyrics which is why I have an outrageously large number of guilty pleasure songs in my kitty (no kitty is not the name of my iPod).  Some of the songs that I used to like as a kid now seem to provoke gag reflex reaction in me. But some of those still remain close to my heart (and also locked up in my heart :P )
Here we go. Since am universally proclaiming that these songs are …