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Jodie Sweetin is back, you guys!

Three and a half years ago, I wrote a post about Jodie Sweetin and other child stars who went through traumas growing up. Little did I know, Jodie would be back with a bang! Because Full House is a syndicated show and I possess all 8 seasons of it in my hard disk (Thanks Susie!), I am frequently re-watching the show to kill boredom (or to feel good that I was born to a beautifully calm gen). And also I am a very huge fan of Stephanie Tanner that it border-lines on obsession sometimes! I was always keen on seeing where the girls of Full House would end up as grown-ups. And like most of the child stars of 90s, Hollywood wasn't generous on them. While Jodie and Candace continued to act, Andrea Barber left the whole scene to go live a conventional house wife life.

I dont want this to look like a biased opinion of a Jodie loyalist, but she was special. She was not only a Grade A actress, but also a talented dancer and singer. You can see snippets of her dancing on the show in the below videos -



Seeing that she was talented, it was expected that she d grow up to be a superstar in her own right. When she guest starred in Disney's Mickey Mouse club, her stature as an actor was so high that her presence was able to overshadow that of actors like Britney Spears, Justin Timberlake and Ryan Gosling (all of who grew up to be sensational). But after a couple of gigs that were mostly the result of her gigantic success as Stephanie Tanner, Jodie's career started taking a downward spiral. And then she went into an oblivion.

I read her autobiography "Unsweetined", where she describes the hardships she went through as a forgotten child star. Her excessive need to be relevant, to be popular led her to abuse drugs and get addicted to alcohol. I am sure you and I have all been there - that point where we required some extra strength from a not-favorable confidence source, just to make sure our presence is felt in a room. My heart went out to her throughout the book. Her entire tweens and twenties were succumbed by alcohol and bad life choices. She cut her Full House family out because she was ashamed of what she was doing. Sometimes self control seems like a very, mighty thing to achieve. She also got into relationships with wrong men and had kids with them. But that was the end of all her woes you guys. She turned 30 and her life took a turn for better along with it.

Once she got sober and realized she was able to continue, Jodie started giving speeches in seminars to help others in the same situation come out. She was called in as an inspirational coach for many such events where she focused on helping build others' lives. And like they say what went around came back around. She became stronger, more in control of her life. And then Fuller House was announced (Thank you Stamos).

Did you watch her in the first season? OMG, she looks amazing and acts amazing too. I always wanted to see her on DWTS. I even signed some online petition to get her on the show (stalker much?). Finally she finally agreed to be a contestant on DWTS season 22! What a fantastic dancer. Such a pity she got out early but man she left a mark.

Its so nice to see her become our beloved Stephanie Tanner. She stars a DJ in the new installment of the show and man, fits perfectly into an outgoing, globe trotting musician. And she still has her amazing sense of humor intact. Watch the video below, she actually makes fun of getting addicted to meth! If you can make fun of an unhappy past, it means you are over it.

 There you go guys! Jodie is back. This time very much Sweetined! Lets do a she-wolf pack howl on this, shall we ? 1,2,3..


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