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Cult Statuses of Women in Pop Culture and Why It Is a Good Thing

When Queen Bey oh-so-quietly dropped her album Beyonce in Dec 2013, I came across a tweet that said "God is a Black Woman". Right at that very moment, with one sentence, I realized how powerful and rightly so Bey was. With the world emphasizing on Feminism like never before, I think this is the right time for Women singers. We had Janice Joplin, we had Grace Slick, we had Joni Mitchell, we had Joan Beaz and we had Stevie Nicks but were they ever considered as widely worship-worthy as say Jimmy page or Paul McCartney? But if they were young and they started careers now, I think they would surpass any man in popularity section. 

Its good for the humanity if you ask me. Beyonce, Taylor Swift, Lady gaga and girls like them coming out of their comfort zones, teaching the world a lesson or two is a mighty good thing. How endearing is it when Taylor Swift visits her children fans (lets please set aside kimye drama for a minute, shall we!)? How empowering is it to see her give relationship advice to her teen fans? How purely blissful is it to witness Julie Andrews so happily hugging Gaga - Two powerful women sharing a stage! These women constantly are growing to be strong, independent women sending a message to our now feminism-dilettanteish world (We have campaigns alright but where are the actions?) that such strength is normal and that it needn't be forced. 

Emma Watson is one more epitome of feminism at its best. I wonder how a young girl is changing the world as we see it. It is incredible to see her coming up with campaigns in collaboration with UN because when she says you do it, you have to do it! That is Emma s power of persuasion! 

The idea that women can function fully only with a man is being broken and is now a total myth. What these amazing women are perpetuating via their actions is truly commendable. We should encourage more such women to break barriers of gender, to make equality seem as natural as the air we breathe. A world where there is no objectification of women! Ideal isnt it ? 
When the Solange - Jay Z elevator drama happened, people criticized Beyonce for not intervening. Little did anyone know, with a smirk that night she was actually plotting a whole new empowerment album. "Lemonade" dropped a year later and people cant stop gushing about how classy Beyonce is, even when it comes to giving a befitting reply to her husband.  

I have always been an ardent, passionate, staunch supporter of Female friendships. It amazes me and amuses me endless what a collaboration between women can lead to. Take Amy Schumer & Jennifer Lawrence for example. How awesome is that ? How awesome it is to see two strong willed, independent women together creating such powerful memories for people to see. The Internet is always obsessed with seeing beef between any two popular people that it is almost rare to see someone get out there show us all how it is done !
The recent open letter by Jennifer Anniston about body positivity and right to not procreate was an eye opener. We never associate plus size bodies with men, we never judge them if they dont have kids even after passing a certain age. Why do that to a woman? We should all embrace equality. We should all start seeing the world with the eyes of these women. World will be a better place to live when we realize that everyone has an equal opportunity to life. 

More power to this women. More power to humanity. 


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