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If I could go back in time, 5(+1) wishes!

We all have this wish. It might arise out of having missed doing something in life or to just experience/re-experience the whole shebang the exact way it was. Either ways, what a wonderful opportunity it would be to go back in time! Sometimes I wonder despite having all kinds of capabilities, why humankind hasnt been able to build two things in particular: Personal wings (we ll worry abt the air traffic later) & Time Machine. Even best of the best minds havent been able to do anything to decipher a possibility like this in space-time continuum. Anyhoo. If it were a possibility of if it becomes a potential possibility, here are somethings I would like to experience - 

  1. Iran in all its glory - What a mighty fall this country had had. You could search of how beautiful and culturally advanced Iran was before the war. These guys would listen to punk rock, women had the liberty to wear anything they would want and not cover it with the hijab, academics were in huge numbers and their education system was near to flawless. I have read many books & articles about the country pre-war and man what a glorious time! It really saddens me that it hasnt recovered yet, that their country's best minds refuse to go back there and start life afresh. If I were to go back in time, I d definitely go back to the country filled with punk-rock loving geeks , filled with some of the best architecture around the world, filled with people like Azar Nafisis, Marjane Satrapis and many other intellectuals and artists, filled with fashionistas of their time who brought a charm of their own even with the western-world attires they wore. Look at the below pic guys!

  1. Jaipur at its peak during Savai Maan Singh's rule - I just finished reading Gayatri Devi's memoir, A Queen Remembers. Her account of pre-independence India is first hand. I would love to go back to the time when she was alive, happy with her husband. Throughout the book, what caught my attention was her undying love for her husband, Jai. She writes about the glorious era of Rajas and Ranis during those last few years of East India rule in India and the lavish lives of the rulers of princely states. She writes about the mega beautiful palaces, the gardens, the luxuries, the golds and emeralds and what not! You d certainly want to go back to this era, you would certainly want to see Gayatri Devi wed the love of her life Jai. Amusing and amazing at the same time, this art of an era is something that charms one endless. 

  1. Lennon's Era - My posts would be incomplete without the mention of The Beatles. I am sure you d have garnered that by now. I know you d hate me for this and believe me I did hate me for this when I realized it myself but you must give it to Yoko for inspiring Lennon's music during his solo career and also with the Plastic Ono Band. I particularly love his song Woman he wrote for Yoko. I want to travel back in time to see him doing the Bed-in for Peace (not the gross parts ofcourse), I want to see him giving that famous anti war interview with Gloria Emerson, I want to see him fight with Nixon and exposing the truth behind the Vietnam War, see him grow up as an individual - from an impishly crazy member of the self-proclaimed "more popular than Jesus" boy band The Beatles to an anti-war activist, from a family man who married his college sweetheart to a cheating lowlife who turned again back to a family man (with a brand new family ofcourse), from a father who abandoned his first child to a father who loved his second child more than his life(sorry, Julian is more of a "beautiful boy" than Sean). 

  1. Wales during Princess Diana - Although much has written about one of the most beautiful princess of the World, everybody agrees with me when I say, Diana's Wales was a world we all wanted to be in. Her love for making world a better place, her charities,her collaboration with mother Teresa, her stylish clothes (do you own a Diana dress too?), her pixie hair cut, her love for her children, the confusion that was her love life and sadly the tragic death! I want to travel back to the time of Diana's peak fame, to the time she danced with a young,non-creepy Travolta and want to just observe her do everything she did in a day with grace and aplomb. 

  1. Korea before the division- This was such an unfair division! I mean the country was split into two for Soviet Union and the US! This is truly a picture of powerlessness of what could have been one of the most culturally powerful nations! You can clearly see the cultural distinctions on both these countries. Look at what Soviet Union's influence did to North Korea. It tops your list of countries-i-never-want-to-travel! doesnt it ? And look at what US's casual influence did to South Korea. Those guys produce some of the most beautiful movies in the world,has created an entire genre of music (K-pop yáll), also has a very dynamically growing anime industry, what more do you want ! I would want to travel back to a time to a pre-cold war era, pre Japan rule era to experience what it was before its borrowed influences! 

And lastly, ofcourse, my favorite event in the history of the World - Woodstock 69! 'nuf said 


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